Ring with 14mm Rivoli stone

create an interesting 3D ring with swarovski rivoli stone
- beads TOHO 15" №221
- beads TOHO Treasures №221
- beads TOHO 11" №990
- beads SuperDUO №14459WH
- beads SuperDUO №T60020
- swarovski rivoli 14mm red magma or scarlet
- for weaving Fireline 4lb line or HANA thread
- needles for beads No. 12 or No. 11 John James or Pony
Let's start weaving a Swarovski Rivoli bezel. Close 36 Toho Treasures cylinder beads into a ring.
Weave 2 rows of cylinder beads with peyote stitch
Weave 2 rows of 15" beads to tighten the bezel
Apply the stone in the resulting "bezel" back side down, pass the needle to the front edge of the cylinder beads and weave one row with 15" beads to tighten the bezel
Shell the next row of 15" beads be "toothed", to make this weave one between two round beads, and skip the space between the next ones, passing the needle through the cylinder bead below
Pass the needle through the cylinder bead of the second row from the back side.
Weave between the beads of this cylindrical row with peyote stitch using 11" round beads #990
Between the round 11" beads, weave with peyote stitch super duo green beads
After completing the row, pass the needle through the second upper hole of the super duo bead
Using the upper edge of the holes of the super duo beads, weave between them with peyote stitch super duo beads of dark green color
Pass the needle through the top hole of the dark green super duo bead
Weave one peyote stitch row with light green super duo beads
On the next row, alternate one 11" round bead and one dark green SuperDUO bead.
Now you need to tighten the dark green SuperDUO beads through two 11" beads
At this stage, you can stop and not continue decorating the resulting 3D bead further, it is already good. But I decided to add strings of 15" brass-colored beads. Between the light green SuperDUO beads of the first and third row, I weave a string of 12 beads.
The next step is to weave cross beads strings, to make this, pass the needle through the top green SuperDUO bead, pick up 4 beads and pass the needle through the fifth bead
Next, pick up 7 beads and pass the needle through the lower light green SuperDUO bead
Weave cross strings of brass 15" beads around the entire circle of 3D bead
This element can be used in bracelets or earrings, but I decided to use for a three-dimensional ring. I will need some findidngs - a detachable ring with barbs and a round mesh.
In my case, a rather small mesh, and I need to weave another row of round beads so that the mesh would not fall into the chubby element
Sew on the mesh through the newly woven round beads
Clamp the barbs of the main part of the ring so that the mesh is held tightly. You can clamp it with pliers or scissors.

Congratulations! Your ring is ready!
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