Collar embellished with lace and Swarovski crystals

create a universal adornment - a velvet collar with a bow, embroidered with silk lace and Swarovski crystals
Sew-on crystals Swarovski color Jet Nut – 3200 rivoli 14mm – 12pcs
Sew-on Swarovski crystals color Golden Shadow – 3230 drop 12x7mm – 11pcs
Sew-on Swarovski crystals color Golden Shadow – 3230 drop 18x10.5mm – 10pcs
Swarovski pearls 5810 3mm Brown – about 50pcs
TOHO beads round 15/0 dark olive # 422 – 10g
TOHO beads round 15/0 inside gold # 999 – 10g
TOHO beads round 11/0 brown - 5g
TOHO beads cubic or hexagonal 11/0 golden number 989 – 10g
Sequins dark gold cups 3mm - 2-3gr
Sequins flat light matte gold 4mm – 5g
Sequins flat dark gold metallic 4mm – 5g
Threads black Silamide A or 35l in velvet color
Madeira threads for sewing in the color of velvet and in the color of ribbons
Glue textile Gutermann Creativ HT2 (optional)
Velvet for the base
Silk satin or cambric for the back side
Ready-made silk or velvet ribbons or silk satin for sewing ribbons
Flizelin universal adhesive
To make the collar, I took cotton English velvet and embroidered French lace. You can use less expensive velvet, but this material tends to stretch, you will need to glue it from the back with dublerin. Lace does not need much, you need a certain number of fragments, so in some cases one meter will be enough, in some cases a little more. But you need to choose lace carefully, avoid hard cord lace or thin, inexpressive cotton, it is not advisable to use linen type of lace. Lace can merge with the base, it can be lighter or darker.
You can use a ready-made collar pattern, but I prefer to make patterns myself, using the collar lines of the dress for this, but adjustments need to be made. The width of the collar should correspond to the length of the elements of the lace you have chosen.

Transfer the lines of the pattern to the fabric from the back side and sew the outlines of the collar with white thread. This is necessary in order to see the contours of the work on the front side, where we will embroider the embellishment.
According to the collar pattern, it is necessary to cut out two sealing elements from dublerin. We glue the velvet from the back side with dublerin. Use soft, not hard interlining if you have heavy velvet or dense if you use elastic or thin velvet. So that the fabric does not crumble so much on the cut lines, you need to finish the cut lines with transparent glue - UHU transparent glue, or use textile glue
To apply lace fragments along the length of the collar, start from the middle, spread the lace pieces on both sides of the collar from the middle, allocate carefully.
In order for the lace to stick to the velvet and not come apart, I glued it with a small amount of textile glue.
Apply Swarovski stones as accents to the lace, I use sew-on stones in the form of drops and rivoli. Glue the stones to the lace using transparent glue UHU or textile glue.
I'm starting to sew on a Swarovski drop in the "heart" lace element. To sew Swarovski, I use a bead. I pass the needle through the hole of the stone from the back side to the face, string a 15" bead on the needle and pass the needle through the hole of the stone back.
Using embroidery technique I place bright accents - I sew on beads, sequins in the shape of cups, I sew on a seed bead in the center of the cup, thus fixing the cup on the fabric.
Proceed the main line of embroidery, sewing beads and sequins to the edge, using embroidery technique we form "arrows" - bright expressive elements on the collar.
Continue to place expressive accents with embroidery technoque - frame the edge of the Swarovski drop with dark olive beads. I embroider using the "needle back" method.
Proceed to make an "arrow" along the "heart" lace element, sew on beads and 3mm pearls in coffee shades.

Lace must be fixed on the fabric, for this purpose I use hex beads. By sewing on a hex bead, you can fix each angle of the lace element on the fabric.
However, make sure that the thread does not tighten the fabric too much. I didn't use a hoop. However, you can use them and then it does not matter how much you tighten the thread. My fabric was quite dense and I refused to work on the hoop.
On the swirls of lace elements, I place round accents with sequins, sewing them on with a round seed bead on top.
Use faceted beads to fix the "heart" lace element on the fabric along all protruding angles of the lace
Above the "heart" lace element is the element "butterfly". In the center of the "butterfly" I sew on a pearl, and above the "butterfly" I sew another one, under the "butterfly" along the "arrow" I sew on expressive coffee beads.
Inside the upper lace fragments of butterflies there are empty spaces - a mesh. I will sew up this space with sequins. Sew on one sequin. Turn the first sequin to the pearl so that the stitch remains on the side of the mesh.
Like fish scales, the next two sequins are sewn, above the top, with a shift. Make sure that the next layer sequins cover the stitches from the previous ones.
Like fish scales, sew 3 more rows of sequins
Now you need to hide the last stitches. To make this, right in the junction with the last row of sequins, I sew the cup sequins, fixing them with a seed bead on top
Round Swarovski stones are first fixed on a transparent textile glue, and then sewn on through a seed bead.
Round Swarovski stones have a very sharp edge that does not harmonize with soft velvet and delicate lace. My task is to hide this edge, for this purpose, I will embroider a series of vertical posts around the stone. At the base of the column is a hex bead, then string one golden sequin and one 15" gold round bead on the needle. Return the needle back, first through the sequin and then through the hex bead. Pass the needle out of the back side through the face and repeat these steps around the stone
Finish the whole edge of the rivoli with these posts.
Below the round Swarovski stone we sew on a Swarovski stone in the shape of a drop. To make this, you must first glue it with textile glue exactly between the lace fragments of the "hearts", and then sew it through golden round seed beads.
Around drop swarovski stone sew on dark olive seed beads to make the stone look more expressive, use the "needle back" method. Below the drop I sew one by one - one seed bead, one cup sequin and one seed bead.
The entire upper section of the fabric above the lace fragments with bows needs to be sewn up one by one with hex beads. You need to sew them in random order.
Repeat all the steps for decorating fragments of hearts and bows and embroidery between them.
The next step is lining the collar. It is necessary to cut out the lining using the collar pattern and sew to the collar along the edge from below,don't touch the edge where the ribbon will be fixed.
You can buy ready-made satin or silk ribbons. I sewed the ribbons myself from silk fabric.
I sewed the ribbons along the back side, turned it inside out and ironed it.
Connect the ribbon and the collar with the front side, the edge of the ribbon should be as close as possible to the upper edge of the collar.
Next, sew both all the remaining edges - at the points of the ribbons attachment along the upper edge, leaving a small hole so that you can turn the collar on your face. Try to sew carefully so as not to grab long sections of ribbons and beads with sequins.
Now you need to cut off excess allowances and cut notches along the long edge of the collar.
Now you need to turn the collar on the face, sew the hole through which the collar was turned out and very carefully steam the collar from the back side.

Congratulations! Your collar is ready! it can be gently washed by hand and gently steamed from the back side. Please, don't use iron if you deal with silk velvet!
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