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Tropic necklace
Amazing necklace with large weaved 3D elements in tropical colors with beetle wings fringe.
18th March with Burke Gems Beads
Vintage necklace
Stunning embroidered necklace with antique style embroidery and 3d velvet flowers.
1 and 8 April with Burke Gems Beads
Dragon necklace
Project still in process. Mix of techniques.
15-16 April with Beads by Blanche
Dragon castle bracelet
Mix of techniques - embroidery and weaving. Bracelet on the blank with ammonite nice cab.
8th July with Burke Beads Gems
Bloom pendant
Project still in process. Amazing pendant with floral cabochon, velver emroidered leaves and mix of techniques.
22, 29 July with Social Beadea
Cradle necklace
Project still in process. Necklace with a philosophical meaning in antique style. The cradle as a symbol of the universe.
12-13 August with Beads by Blanche
Flora pendant
Floral pendant with nice embroidery and weaving.
17th of September with Burke Gems Beads
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